The Skaters Education and Training Fund, Inc. originated with revenue generated by the 1989 national Figure Skating Championship Competition. It was organized exclusively for the purpose of fostering amateur figure skating by investing in resources (in the Baltimore metropolitan area). The FUND was created to support competitive figure skating events and programs, to financially assist local competitors and to promote public participation and appreciation of the sport of figure skating.

The Skaters Education and Training Fund, Inc. was originally established in 1991 as a charitable organization. The FUND is a section 501 (c) (3) exempt private foundation and supports skaters and promising competitors in need of financial aid. The FUND has supported educational programs for parents of skaters and for skating officials The FUND continues to accept contributions towards its objective of creating knowledge and appreciation of figure skating.

Specifically, the purposes and goals of The Skaters Education and Training Fund, Inc. are:

  1. To foster interest and support for figure skating in the Baltimore Metropolitan region and to support those competitors who compete at the Regional, Sectional and National levels.
  2. To provide education, instruction and training to persons assisting potential competitors in areas such as coaching, judging, technical specialists and administration.
  3. To provide scholarship funds to persons who have demonstrated promise and talent in figure skating, including non competitors.
  4. To provide funds on the basis of competition level and/or commitment to the sport of figure skating.
  • The Skaters Education and Training Fund, Inc. is eligible to receive tax deductible contributions from the general public and other organizations or trusts.

The Skaters' Education and Training Fund is a private foundation in Baltimore, MD, which was founded in 1992